Applied Artificial Intelligence

A Handbook For Business Leaders

Applied Artificial Intelligence is a practical guide for business leaders who are passionate about leveraging machine intelligence to enhance the productivity of their companies and the quality of life in their communities. If you love driving innovation by combining data, technology, design, and people to solve real problems at an enterprise scale, this is your playbook.

There are plenty of technical tomes on the market for engineers and researchers who want to master the nitty-gritty details of modern algorithms and toolsets. You can also find plenty of general interest content for the public about the impact of AI on our society and the future of work.

This book is a balance between the two. We won’t overload you with details on how to debug code, but we also won’t bore you with endless generalizations that don’t help you make concrete business decisions. Instead, we teach you how to lead successful AI initiatives by prioritizing the right opportunities, building a diverse team of experts, conducting strategic experiments, and consciously designing your solutions to benefit both your organization and society as a whole.

CES 2018 Book Launch & Interview

Our Applied AI book was selected by CES as one of the top technology books of 2018! We were honored to be invited to launch our book onstage and do a book signing at their 2018 event. We spoke to an audience of executives, entrepreneurs and practitioners about the importance of adopting AI to stay competitive in an increasingly automated world.

The authors of Applied AI have incredible depth of expertise and experience in AI, and they make the complex topic accessible to everyone. It’s rare to find technology experts as engaging and thought-provoking.

Stephen Strauss

Head of Sales Enablement & Insights, PayPal

As a deep learning researcher and educator, I’m alarmed by how much misinformation and misreporting occurs with AI. It’s refreshing to see a practical guide written by experienced technologists which explains AI so well for a business audience.

Rachel Thomas

Co-Founder, & Assistant Professor, USF

This book cuts the fluff and arms business leaders with exactly the right foundational knowledge to lead successful AI initiatives at their companies. It’s hands down the best playbook for executives starting on their automation journey.

Jack Chua

Director of Data Science, Expedia

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