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Diversity, inclusion, and education are critically important if we aim to eradicate unconscious biases in our technologies and build a benevolent future for everyone with AI and automation.

If your initiative supports underrepresented groups in the AI industry, promotes open datasets and collaborative research, advances AI ethics and safety, or seeks to educate leaders in diverse industries on practical AI applications, I would love to work with you!

Event Sponsorship

We partnered with IBM Watson to host an exclusive invite-only dinner and cocktail event featuring leading women AI researchers and engineers from my Forbes column. We engaged technical leadership from Google, Salesforce, IBM, Intel, Facebook, Amazon, and leading startups for an evening of authentic conversations on how to encourage greater diversity in the AI industry.

Newsletter Promotion

Baidu’s Duer OS is China’s leading conversational AI platform. Prometheus Project is the company’s effort to promote large-scale open datasets and interdisciplinary research collaboration to advance far-field speech recognition and multi-turn automated conversations. We promoted the initiative to our TOPBOTS community of over 80,000 enterprise AI executives and practitioners.

Whitepapers & Infographics

Online retailers face of myriad of challenges to stay competitive in an increasingly automated world. We partnered with PayPal to produce educational whitepapers and infographics to teach their retail partners how to leverage AI, machine learning, and conversational bots to improve conversions, increase revenue, and reduce churn.

Social Media Engagement

Pega is one of the leading customer engagement platforms in the world and deeply values the safekeeping of valuable customer data. We collaborated to host a #TransparentAI Twitter chat featuring leading Pega executives and experts on AI safety and ethics. The event generated over 10 million impressions and ~3000 retweets in a single week and engaged an audience of nearly 60% women.

Executive Education

WPP is the world’s largest advertising group with over 400 agencies, including industry leaders like AKQA, Wunderman, and Ogilvy. We provided in-depth executive education and coaching to their corporate development and global agency heads to prepare their leadership for digital transformation and AI implementation at an enterprise scale.

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Do you have an initiative that promotes diversity, inclusion, and interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of AI? Let me know your creative vision and how you would like to work together.

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