Artificial Intelligence Education For Executives

I’m passionate about educating executives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders on how to use automation and machine learning to transform our products, businesses, and society. Learn how to combine artificial intelligence with product and UX design to deliver the best experience to your customers.

Talks About Artificial Intelligence

The State of Conversational Artificial Intelligence

In this introduction to conversational AI, I give you a technical overview & review of current state-of-the-art deep learning & natural language processing (NLP) tactics for chatbots and conversational interfaces as well as product UX design tips for crafting customer experiences around current limitations in conversational AI.

What Executives Need To Know About AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be challenging topics for executives to master. In this beginner-friendly introduction, we demystify recent breakthroughs in deep learning using accessible language and examples. We also detail important strategic and organizational considerations that business leaders need to address before embarking on enterprise-scale AI initiatives.

What Executives Need To Know About Bots

Conversational user interfaces are replacing and augmenting traditional graphical user interfaces (GUI) as the dominant way we interact with our technology. New trends in messaging bots and voice search change how consumers shop, socialize, and consume media. In enterprises, bots are automating customer service, sales and marketing, and business productivity.

Challenges Of Enterprise AI (Panel)

Rolling out AI technologies enterprise-wide is both a technical and organizational challenge. I co-hosted an event with Salesforce Einstein where we discuss the highest potential machine learning applications for business leaders and how to avoid common pitfalls with a panel of executives and entrepreneurs from leading B2B AI companies. You can also read a recap of our Enterprise AI event.

Talks About Design

Introduction To Brand Strategy & Visual Design
Introduction To User Experience Design
Rapid Iteration On Mobile
Common Mobile Design Fails (& How To Fix Them)

Speaking Engagements

I speak at leading technology, design, and AI conferences but also do private workshops and company events. If you’d like to invite me to give a talk, just fill out the booking form below.

Mariya gave a room full of C-Level executives a college level course in bots & AI. All the while, she got the room to break out in hysterics on a topic they knew little about. If you’re looking for timely tech trends presented in an entertaining and informative way, there’s no one better to go with than her.

Bill Vreeland

Vice President, Medialink

It was such a pleasure having Mariya speak onstage at CES 2018 about topics from her book, Applied AI! She made a highly technical topic very accessible and engaging for our audience of business leaders and technology professionals. I’d be delighted to invite her to speak again at a future event.

Cindy Stevens

Senior Director, Consumer Electronics Association

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